This is a story about how the small device that we developed can change the quality of human life in modern living conditions.

First an idea came up. .. I wondered why in the winter, the well-being of a person worsens and decided to conduct a small experiment. 

Everything should be normal. relative humidity .

What is the humidity rate in the apartment indicated in official sources? Building standards for Russia are spelled out in interstate GOST 30494-96 “Residential and public buildings. Indoor microclimate parameters. 
According to this document, 30-45% is considered optimal relative humidity in the cold season, and 30-60% in the warm season. The following indicators are also specified in GOST: in winter, according to the authors, it should not exceed 60%, and in summer - 65%. Nevertheless, physiologists recommend maintaining humidity in the apartment at a level of 40-60%, regardless of the time of year.

The second controlled parameter is air quality.  In the course of his life, a person releases carbon dioxide (CO2) into the surrounding atmosphere, and human activities can cause a significant increase in the level of volatile organic compounds VOC (volatile organic compounds).

CO2 levels :

TVOC Levels:

As a result , to monitor air quality, we will monitor the levels of CO2 (ppm) and TVOC (ppb).

How will we act? At the entrance of the experiment, my actions were simple: 1-assembled a prototype device for tracking the necessary parameters, 2 - when exceeding levels of air pollution - I ventilate the room. 3- I entrusted the support of humidity to my “smart home” system, which received information from a humidity transmitter and, if necessary, will on ultrasonic humidifier.

Satisfied with the result.  While maintaining normal values, health, intellectual productivity improved, fatigue decreased, and while maintaining normal values of relative humidity, the skin condition significantly improved, in winter it suffers primarily from low air humidity.

What's next? Monitoring is beneficial, with this thought the final version of the device for monitoring environmental quality was designed, additional sensors were added, a mobile application was written to configure and display data.

Environmental Quality Monitoring System

What happened? Here are the main features of the device:

Measured parameters: CO2 -ppm, TVOC -ppb, Atmospheric pressure -mmHg, Air temperature - °C, Relative humidity -% RH, Background radiation - uR / h.

The environmental quality monitoring device has the ability to integrate into the smart home system using several protocols, MQTT , TCP , sending data using the POST method. Setup is performed through its own Android application, network connection is performed wirelessly via Wi-Fi network. The device is powered by a standard micro USB connector. Have a function  FOTA firmware update.