Lime Gen 3 Scooter software reversing

Let´s reverse the software on the Lime Gen3 E Scooter and make the original hardware open source

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Hello, I come from Germany, so i am not good with english, so sorry for the errors.I have found a broken lime Gen3 scooter on the streets, and fixed it, i found a way to unlock it without the lime app, but thats not enough for me, i want its software open source. The problem is, i am too silly to reverse engineer the software, i am absolutely not good with coding, and so i have already measured out virtually all pinouts on the plugs of the scooter, but absolutely no knowledge, what the scooter software does. I have readed the software out, but theres only a .hex with many un understandable signs inside. Heres a link with all what i know about the scooter, photos, the .hex files from the motor controller in its locked and unlocked state and some manuals: hope i will find someone who is

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gijs4457 wrote 08/27/2022 at 17:56 point

I’m come from the Netherlands 

And I have a lime gen4 scooter and is also locked 

How I can unlock this scooter

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