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The 6502 Companion is intended to be a development / learning environment for the 6502 microprocessor.

Josh KittleJosh Kittle 01/18/2020 at 05:070 Comments

Apple. Atari. Commodore. Nintendo.   If you were a child of the 80s and 90s, like I was, these names bring back some fun memories.  The 6502 microprocessor and its derivatives ushered in an era of computing like nothing we've ever seen before (and arguably, since).  When MOS started producing the 6502 back in 1975, little could they know that 45 years later, some hundreds of millions of units would be produced, and in so many milestone products of the time.

The Commodore 64 had one.  So did the Nintendo Entertainment System. Atari 2600? Yep, also a 6502 family processor!  Today, with the resurgence of hobby electronics, the maker movement, and the overall ease in which we can tinker these days, the 6502 is seeing a resurgence in popularity.  Part of it, undoubtedly, is nostalgia, but don't discount the little old chip from 1975 - she's still got some tricks up her sleeve.

There have many many people in the community over the past decade blazing the trail with the 6502, helping the rest of us dip our toes into the technology.  This project is an evolution of that work.  I take no credit for originality with this project; instead, what I've done is seek out and borrow the best ideas from the community and incorporate then into a development environment where you too can experiment with the 6502 as simply as possible.

Ultimately, the goal of this project is to produce and sell a kit that makes experimenting with the 6502 so easy that anybody can do it. But more on that as things progress...

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