The Rev 2 PCB

A project log for The 6502 Companion

The 6502 Companion is intended to be a development / learning environment for the 6502 microprocessor.

Josh KittleJosh Kittle 01/23/2020 at 00:230 Comments

With lessons learned from Rev 1, design changes were made and the Rev 2 PCB order went off to the board house.  This order was placed on Dec 10, 2019.   Shown below is the Rev 2 PCB design.

In this revision, the power jack was wired properly, I added a bunch of different LEDs to show the state of the address and data bus lines. I added DIP switches to allow for manipulation of certain key 6502 signaling line states. I also played with layout a little bit.  Shown here is a testing sample of this run.  Only 5 of these PCBs were made.

I didn't have the smaller 3mm LEDs yet, so I made do with some 5mm LEDs that I had on the bench. More lessons learned, more bodges, and we were on to Revision 3.