I ditch GalliumOS and pivot to openSUSE

A project log for Restoring an Asus Chromebox CN60

Free computer if I can get it working

Ken YapKen Yap 01/18/2020 at 23:200 Comments

GalliumOS works fine, but the desktop is based on Xfce and I prefer a richer desktop environment. I use KDE on my other machines. Since the hardware is actually quite PC compatible I decided to see if I could install openSUSE Leap 15.1 on it, the same version running on my other machines.

I plugged in a USB stick that had the openSUSE ISO written on it, booted, and it took me through the install process, I accepted most of the defaults, the major change being using ext4 instead of btrfs for the filesystem as the latter is incompatible with boot block in MBR. It all worked including the wired Ethernet.

I was worried it wouldn't fit on the SSD but in the end it used up about half of the slightly less than 16 GB on the SSD. Of course if I start installing software it will be a different story. Also /home is on the same SSD.

So at the moment these are things I want to improve: