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A project log for Discrete Motor Driver

Development of a TTL stepper motor driver

Walker ArceWalker Arce 01/19/2020 at 00:110 Comments

This project was inspired by the development of a control board for a 3D scanning apparatus for prosthetic socket design.  I wanted to design an analog version that could drive a stepper motor similarly to the overpowered design that previously worked.  

Looking through other existing options, there were unipolar and bipolar stepper motor drivers that had been implemented using similar analog ICs.

These circuits shown above drive the stepper motor in a single direction, but the motor needs to be driven in both directions.  To do this, an up/down counter was found, specifically a CD4019, which has binary and BCD variants.  

This would then need to be paired with either a binary-to-decimal, or BCD-to-decimal, converter to drive the stepper motor, with the counting system being reset at the count of "4".