Lions are strange animals who haven't migrated to using a phone for everything, but still adhere to their huge 1990's style mouse & keyboard.  The problem is the huge 1990's style mouse pads are no more.  The modern ones are all either 1/8" thick, really tiny, covered in plastic instead of fabric & don't last very long.

The lion kingdom's 1st mouse pad was a 1/4" thick, full sized, & lasted 19 years before it was down to just fabric & a different color from biological growth & the neighbor's cigarette smoke.  The modern ones that replaced it all wore out within a year.

A recent attempt at reviving the magic was stacking 2 modern 1/8" thick mouse pads on top of each other with E6000.  The old, worn out one was on the bottom.  This too was only a temporary solution.

Mouse pads are made from neoprene & an unknown fabric.  The neoprene compresses & falls apart.  The fabric delaminates.  Lions want to go a step beyond the 1990's, manely a 1/2" thick mouse pad.  The neoprene can be made by stacking thinner sheets, but getting a perfectly flat adhesion of fabric to it is the problem.