Open Communications Network

Using old routers and Raspberry Pis to create low-cost, low-power portable wireless networks

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What this project aims to accomplish is a way to create low-cost networks where people at events can network with each other and share information. The two major components are a WAP (Wireless Access Point) running OpenWRT, and a Raspberry Pi or similar, running applications such as Pleroma, IRC, or other services.

My version of this has a D-Link DSL-2750B router running OpenWRT 19.07. I've installed ngIRCd on the router, along with a captive portal to alert users to the nature of the network they've connected to. The Raspberry Pi is added to run services that either don't fit on or don't exist for OpenWRT, like Pleroma or Anope IRC services.
  • 1 × OpenWRT-compatible WAP Running >=19.07
  • 1 × Raspberry Pi 2 Equivalent or better

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