Testing the on-chip integrated opAmp

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2 channel constant current programmable output, IR communications, weight < 3 grams

Sophi KravitzSophi Kravitz 03/01/2020 at 23:160 Comments

The PICLF1703 (and 1717 etc.) have integrated OpAmps. 

I'm configuring one of them as a voltage to current converter (transconductance amplifier) using Microchip's graphical MPLAB X IDE w Code Configurator. It looks like this:

Note: A device reset forces all registers to their reset state. This disables the OPA module.

Ok excuse this crappy sketch, it's a placeholder so I don't forget where I was. I wired this up. R1 = 100 ohm and R2 is 22k. Nothing happened when I downloaded the config into the chip, will troubleshoot soon.