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Electromechanical Movement

JarrettJarrett 01/24/2020 at 08:500 Comments

This is likely to be the last log in a while. With the close of the contest, real-life stuff is going to get in the way of this project for a bit, and I obviously didn't finish.

Here's why!

UPS appears to have lost my package for two full weeks or something, I dunno. My PCBs still haven't arrived. I ordered them on the 23rd of December, so that's annoying! It's not OSHPark's fault for sure. They shipped on the 6th/7th, I think that turnaround is normal for a 4-layer board, particularly during Christmas break. Definitely going to blame UPS, although they're not helped by the holidays either.

So here, have a 3D render of the gerbers: