CNC controls and more tools

A project log for Reviving a Shoptask 1720 XMTC Gold 3-in-1

This thought project is notes on reviving my 1998 Shoptask 1720 XMTC Gold late-mill-drill

Alastair YoungAlastair Young 06/03/2021 at 01:210 Comments

I've been putting some time and money into the CNC controls and I'll be adding that as a separate sub-project. Most of the components for the controller, drivers and motors are purchased and assembly is underway. I'll document it in a separate sub-project.

I picked up a Mitutoyo 155-903 Telescoping Gauge Set on eBay for $60 (list is ~$170). My cheap Chinese ones just don't work right - poor manufacturing. This set is used and was listed as having a broken unit (plunger missing on the smallest one) but the missing part was in the bottom of the wallet and just needed reassembled. It also came with an extra B size gauge. A bit of light oil and a couple of Kim Wipes and they work like new.