This project has been made to replace my original instrument cluster, which was old, dirty and broken in few places. 

First I created developement prototype with STM32 blue-pill board, breakout board with LCD and x27-168 stepper motor from aliexpress. Next I had to do some measurements on a motorcycle's electrical wiring. Then came creating firmware for a microcontroller. When my desk transformed into a a mess made from breadboards and cables, i decided to make a PCB to connect everything. First revision was a fail, so I made a 2nd. When hardware worked, then time came to finish up firmware. Right now device is working on my bench, haven't been tested on a motorcycle because winter is really not the best time for a ride. 

Essential parts are:

- ILI9341 2,8in LCD with SPI interface

-X27-168 stepper motor for dial gauge

-M95320 SPI EEPROM to hold data like mileage and daily trip

-NTC100k thermistors to measure temperature

-custom made front wheel encoder to measure vehicle speed

Firmware source code, PCB design and schematic, and also 3D models of enclosure are available on my GitHub