Step Stick External Buffer

Board to buffer Step Stick Socket Signals for Off-Board Drivers

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There are a number of Step-Stick breakout boards to allow the nearly ubiquitous Step-Stick compatible controllers to control off-board drivers. But many off-board drivers like 5V and higher power. This is a simple board to provide a level shift and higher current(16mA) for off-board drives. The Step, Direction and Enable pins are sent to the Motor pins.

Kicad Files, untested:

  • 1 × SN74LV4T125
  • 1 × 2uF SMT Capacitor
  • 2 × 8 pin headers
  • 1 × 2x3 Header

  • Made one

    Steve05/02/2020 at 21:39 0 comments

    Made one, need more notes on the silk screen on the PCB on how to assemble and insert, but it works.

  • Parts on the way

    Steve01/21/2020 at 18:47 0 comments

    Mouser order with headers, SN74LV4T125 and Capacitors arrived.

    Boards still in production.

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