Quantity   Component name
3 × Dial Indicator
3 × Stepper Motor
3 × Displacement Cam A spiral cam with a single 0.100 inch tooth
1 × Frame Whatever you have that looks nice. Ideally thick enough to carve a cavity in the bottom to fit the electronics.
1 × Support Window Clear Plexiglass, 1/8" thick, roughly 4 x 9 inches. Supports the stepper motors and the microswitches.
1 × Timing 'Brain' Suitable MCU to run the show. I grabbed an Arduino Nano because it was convenient and small.
1 × Clock Module Suitable module to maintain accurate time, such as a DS3231.
3 × Stepper Drivers Something to drive the stepper motors. Could be something like an A4988, or perhaps some ULN2003 or equivalent chips.
3 × Microswitch Small microswitches so the MCU can detect the positions of the cam wheels
1 × Misc Fasteners and hardware