Wild Berry Pause 'n Play Pedal

A foot pedal that sends 'k' when pressed so I can pause and restart videos with my foot. Also, the pedal looks like a Wild Berry Pop-Tart.

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I am trying to emulate the sustain pedal (Casio SP-3) that came with my digital piano, using the controller from an old keyboard, an Outemu blue switch, and a spring out of an assortment from Microcenter.

I watch a lot of videos writing for Hackaday, and there's a lot of pausing and restarting while I take notes. I usually take notes by hand on paper, and if I keep doing that, this pedal will make it more seamless. 

BUT, with a pedi-powered pause pedal, I could watch the video on my main screen, and take notes on another computer without taking my hands off the home row or switching focus back and forth between the video and the text editor.

  • 1 × old donor USB keyboard or PS/2; you do you
  • 1 × Cherry MX blue switch *click*
  • 2 × M4 threaded inserts brass
  • 2 × M4 screws not brass
  • 2 × rotational force providers

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  • What is the shelf life of a Pop-Tart-inspired foot pedal?

    kristina panos07/09/2020 at 16:52 4 comments

    We're gonna find out. 

    While I was working on this project initially, I started to really like the idea of a pedal for pressing Shift so I can stop wearing out my pinky (I'm a left Shifter only). I love the pedal. Kind of wish I'd bought a double or triple pedal. 

    Here's the thing: using it all day every day has really made me consider how robust a foot pedal needs to be. So at the very least, I think I'll be looking for a stronger spring for this. 

    The thing about using a foot pedal while you type is that you're naturally inclined to want to rest your foot on it (or at least your big toe -- that's what I do)  so it's ready to go. What you don't want to do is hover your foot to avoid pushing the switch, because that will wear out your foot/ankle. 

  • still trying to make the lid fit

    kristina panos02/24/2020 at 21:36 0 comments

    I've printed the lid twice now, and the holes are still a bit misaligned from the ones in the bottom. It kind of works if you hold it together just so, but that won't do.

  • It was a great day for mail

    kristina panos01/28/2020 at 02:01 0 comments

    I ordered some lovely purple PLA for the lid, and it came a day early. So did my genuine Cherry blues, so I'm gonna sub one of those in for the Outemu blue. 

  • Cura saved my bacon

    kristina panos01/26/2020 at 10:12 0 comments

    About three hours into printing the bottom of the case, I realized it wasn't doing the bit in the middle of the switch holder box that serves as a female for the switch's post. I checked the OpenSCAD model and saw it was floating about 3mm off the floor. Great.

    It didn't show up in the Cura layers, and the printer never did try to make it, so the print didn't get messed up. Hooray! Now I can just print the missing bit and glue it in there. Maybe I'll print it at the same time as the frosting squiggle:

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