A project log for LEDodecahedron

We're going for it now, 612 LEDs, 51 of them controlled by a single IS31FL3733 chip

davedarkodavedarko 12/17/2021 at 19:330 Comments

Always tough googling something when you're looking for the name to google in the first place. I needed the "dihedral angle" of a dodecahedron, meaning the angle between the sides / faces of the body. It's 116.56505°. The cool thing is, with that Angle I can basically nibble away all sides and have the perfect folding angle for this! But for now I just eye-balled it.


    cylinder(3, 35, 33.15, $fn=5);
    union() {
        color("red") cylinder(1, 30 , 30, $fn=5);
        color("red")translate([0,0,1]) cylinder(2, 32 , 31, $fn=5);

translate([-31, -25, 6]) rotate([ 0, 116.56505, 0]) cube([5,50,5]);
screenshot of openscad, a small frame for a pentagon shaped object is shown. A little bar in an angle is close to it.
Screenshot that compares the angle of the block to the manually set angle of the frame, so it can fold up to a dodecahedron. Angle is basically indistinguishable.