Display Testing

A project log for X60s (2020) ThinkPad

X60s is a near-perfect laptop chassis for mobility. I will be retrofitting a modern laptop motherboard to modernize this machine

SeanSean 01/28/2020 at 13:360 Comments

Whilst it would be great to add a larger display into the X60, this first version will hopefully use a 12inch 3:2 1920x1280 panel which provide a slightly wider display yet loses 15mm off the bottom compared to the old panel.

Blue (original panel), Green (new panel)


This panel was chosen as it's outside dimensions fit within the orignal panel footprint. If the panel outline was expanded much further it would likely not fit without modification of the magnesium lid

I found that the E590 donor panel used a 30 pin 2 lane eDP connector with a 0.5mm connector pitch. The new LP120UP1 apparently also shares this connector yet from a different brand (LG). The hope is that the new panel can simply plug and play. My main concern at this point lied in the increased resolution over the 30 pin 2 lane connector as typically these are not used beyond 1920x1200 looking at the eDP HDMI conversion boards on aliexpress. 

Update 28/1/19

A partial success for the project. After testing the new panel it worked flawlessly with the donor board without any extra set up. Additionally brightness control still worked! The partial success was down to the outside dimensions of the LP120UP panel which are larger than what was specified on panellook which means that more work will need to be done to attempt to fit the lcd in the X60 display housing.