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Nintoaster Done Right

osgeldosgeld 07/02/2014 at 01:460 Comments

First thing one needs to do when making a nintoaster is find a appropriate toaster. New toasters that are not plastic crap cost a fair bit of money for a goof project, I hit the all the thrift stores around my parents house, work and my house and never found anything I liked ... lots of cheap plastic shell toasters with heat discoloration.

I hit up one of my favorite stores, essix (a overstock/open box/discontinued item bargain hunt) where I found a sharp looking brand new black n decker brand toaster. Being a discontinued model it was marked down from 49$ to 20$, and it had been sitting around long enough it qualified for a 20% discount on top of that, WIN.

The toaster seemed perfect at first, on the front was a series of buttons where 2 controller ports could live and leave one button left for reset, it was large and roomy. However there were 4 major problems with it for this project.

1) The bread slots are HUGE, like oversized bagel huge.

2) It was a bit larger than I wanted, while roomy its got a fat footprint

3) with the controller ports and reset up front, what the heck do I do with the extra slot

4) My current toaster sucks, we got it in 2008 when we got married, haven't had a decent slice of toast, waffles whatever since, it has 2 settings ... dehydrator and burner. Since it also matches our coffee maker, I spared the new toaster's life to fulfill its toasting destiny.

What I am left with is a brushed metal and plastic toaster that has been well used. It has smaller standard size slots, and its not long enough to fit an NES motherboard inside.

The internal frame is stampped metal of some sort, all held together with twist lock tabs, and nothing in the bottom, but that is no problem!