Gutting the Toaster

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Nintoaster Done Right

osgeldosgeld 07/03/2014 at 00:410 Comments

As mentioned in the previous post, the internal structure of this toaster is pretty weak. I imagine most toasters, especially modern ones, are made to be as "cost effective" as possible, this one was part of a kitchen set that was very "cost effective".

The guts is made out of two stamped L shaped parts, which are connected together by stamped metal U shaped beams (I guess). The beams are held in place by tabs that slot into the L shaped parts, then are twisted to lock in place. Mica sheets are in place to hold the heating elements along with a slide for the front mechanism, and a couple springs for the wire bread holders.

I could work with this, it would not be a big deal to break out the tin snips and make little dog ears for the motherboard. The cart slot on the other hand worries me, as there is little material to attach to, and what material is there is so flimsy I can easily bend it by pressing down with one finger.

By the time I fiddle with this structure to make it sound, it would be almost easier to just design and machine a new internal structure out of sheet ABS. This will turn the framework from flimsy and rigged to a brick house.

While the guts are out and in tact its time to make some measurements, and start planning out a cutting pattern in libre cad.