Mini Goliath Tank

Mini hackable tank, including app and desktop software to control with camera feed.

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Entirely 3D-printed (minus nuts and bolts) model of WWII Goliath tank, measuring about 4.5x3x2". BLE enabled and lots of room for expansion.

Hey all. If you have seen my previous project, the 3DoT board, then this project probably won't need much explaining! Jeff Gomes, who makes the most ingenious 3D printed creations I have ever seen, designed this little 3D printed tank to be the perfect vehicle for the 3DoT board.

As a result, this 4.5x3x2" model of the Goliath tracked mine, one of the first unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) ever made, is:

  • Programmable via micro-usb (ISP also available on top headers)
  • Charged automatically via micro-USB
  • BLE 5.0 enabled
  • Capable of adding up to 4 more motors and 6 servos
  • 14 available I/O on top and front headers
  • UART, SPI, I2C available
  • Compatible with ArxRobot app and control panel

At over 100 pieces of carefully engineered 3D printed parts and hardware, it's a ton of fun to build. To me it feels like building a model airplane kit, except less frustrating. The whole thing took me over an hour to put together for the first time.

Because we think this thing is so much fun, and we put a ton of time and effort into (over) engineering it, we are making 100 of them and giving it a try on Kickstarter.

The campaign will last from 01-31-20 to 02-30-20. Please check it out here:

or leave some feedback here at Hackaday! It is much appreciated.

Thank you!


  • We just need a few more backers!

    Jaap02/18/2020 at 21:34 0 comments

    Hey all!

    Currently, we have about 11 days left, and only need about 6 more people to get the kit to kick everything off! If any of this looks interesting to you, please check out the page here: 

  • Moddable to Electric or Gas Powered Look

    Jaap02/10/2020 at 18:34 0 comments

    We tried to make the model as historically accurate as possible, but that proved quite difficult as many different versions were produced. The following two versions were the most common ones we found: 

    Electric Goliath
    Gas-Powered Goliath

    The kits we're making contain parts for both looks. Stay tuned to see the prints!

  • Update on Kickstarter and Production progress!

    Jaap02/04/2020 at 21:04 0 comments

    We're over halfway funded and I am so excited to get this off the ground after all the work that went into perfecting the model, electronics and software.

    We also already have all nylon and TPU parts printed and quality controlled by Jeff. At this rate, we will be ready to ship well ahead of the scheduled date, leaving a safety net for any unexpected delays.

    Every Goliath will be shipped in some matching retro packaging - expect an update on that soon, as well as more info on some cool sensor and display shields that have been developed for Goliath.

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Tom Nardi wrote 02/04/2020 at 07:19 point

The Goliath is such an interesting piece of WWII history, really cool to see it brought to life like this.

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Jaap wrote 02/04/2020 at 21:01 point

Thank you, Tom!

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