Retrofit Light Control

Drop-in light switch for home automation using ESP8266

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Simple one gang wall switch replacement to fit any standard one gang switch. Uses an ESP8266 paired with ESPHome. With ESPHome this project connects easily with Home Assistant for control. Using Node-red with Phillips Hue integrations the onboard relay could be controlled via Alexa or Google home without the need for requests to leave the local network.

The board has two additional connectors which can be used with a switch and relay or an environmental sensor.

Accepts 110-220v AC input

Software can be updated without removal from wall

Will broadcast a network when main network cannot be found - Ideal for initial configuration or wireless network changes

Home Assistant quickly detects device.

Uses low bandwidth MQTT protocol for communication 

Will accept a second button/switch and relay for control of another fixture. 

Instead of button/switch an environmental sensor can be added. 

Older version used a push-button for actuation. Currently attempting to use a capacitive touch sensor for actuation. (waiting for boards)

  • 1 × HLK-PM03 AC to 5v DC powerr supply
  • 1 × Standard Relay
  • 1 × ESP8266
  • 1 × AT42QT1010 Adafruit Standalone Momentary Capacitive Touch Sensor

  • Prototype Built

    Jason05/14/2020 at 23:46 0 comments

    Received OSHpark boards and parts to assemble and test this design. Also, 3d printed a wall-plate to use for now. This design is using a touch sensor behind the wall-plate to activate the relay. Initially was concerned about the touch sensitivity however, touch sensitivity is actually great, even through the plastic plate. 


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