.gcode file

A project log for Drawing app - change colors via MIDI controller


heinzheinz 02/13/2020 at 18:290 Comments

I uploaded the gcode file with the first layer art that can be printed with a single extruder.

I tested with both Marlin und Repetier, both did fine, but here are just some things to be aware of:

-don't print to fast (at least on 8bit the printer starts to stutter because the first layer has alot of very small moves)
-need to support firmware retraction (G10/G11)
-nonplanar first layer infill (moves 0.3mm in Z while moving in XY, might collide with part cooling fan.)
-M221 for flow multiplier (set to M221 S400 during purge)
-file still contains mixing ratio defintions in the form of M163 commands 
(if you print with a single extruder, firmware wil usally just ignore this commands)