My First Shop

I have since moved but this was my first shop in a one car garage. Practiced woodworking, bike repair, and whatever else was interesting.

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2 benches one stationary (one with the red peg board) first thing I built when I cam back from deployment. One with a pull out bench that was sized to also be an outfeed for the tablesaw. Combo router and belt sander station. Restored wood lathe and bandsaw. Air filtration was an old small shop vac in a cardboard box with air filters taped to the side. I had a Google Assistant in here for entertainment and assistance- with smart plugs and lights it ran the lighting and some of the tools. Ran an old computer to look up stuff and watch TV. Tablesaw station with homemade crosscut and jointer jigs. Dust control was a shop vac with a dust cyclone made from a carpenters bucket and a vacuum cleaner I got from the trash. Bike work station on the second bench.

I placed a lot of emphasis on doing things for low cost and by hand. I did not have much, but I committed a lot of time in here to become a better Maker and Engineer.

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