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    3D print the parts

    Fairly straightforward, you can find all the parts in the zip file attached to this project page (or on thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4140998)

    You will simply need to print one of each item. Here's a description of the item and specific material notes:

    • Hexagon Shell
      • This part will ultimately be sewed on the inside of the backpack. It can be any color you want. It's not meant to be visible. 25% infill. Any color.
    • Hexagon Shell Top
      • This part snaps on to the Hexagon Shell and is used to secure the circuitry in place. It won't be visible either. 25% infill. Any color.
    • Hexagon Insert
      • This part is used to diffract the light from the NeoPixels. As such, it should be printed with a transparent material (I used transparent PETG) @ 100% infill.
    • Hexagon Faceplate
      • This is the faceplate which is used both asethetically and to hold the insert in place. I prefer Black PETG @ 25% infill
    • Hexagon Core w/ Rails
      • This is the base component which most of the other parts ultimately fit into. It is visible and in my experience, looks best with White PETG @ 25% infill.
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    Solder the PCB

    Once you receive an empty PCB based on the gerber files, you can go ahead and solder the components. (I will add detailed instructions later). The components you need are listed in the component section of this project.