All the STL files for 3D printing can be found here:

The Coast Guard Rescue Ship is also ready to print:

Here is a video of the prototype:

Here is one of the final version flying:

Closer View of Lift off:

To wire and build the pivoting dome, solder at least 18ga wire to 2 of the terminals on the male microphone plug.  Then fill the hole with epoxy to assure the wires nor plug will twist out.

Here is a schematic that should work well....

Assemble the pivoting motor and audio jack as shown below.  The latest STL files on Thingiverse are a little different than the prototype pictures shown here:

The spring helped with oscillations while flying.

Wire the controller potentiometer as shown below:

Use a rubber band to make the throttle handle on the left always move back to 0 speed if the handle is let go.

Wire the 2 pots to A0 for throttle and A1 for Forward/Reverse.

Put the helicopter motor together and glue the chopper together:

Start putting it all together...

Finished product.....

I am working on the next phase now.  This is the one I had as a kid :)