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A project log for The Ball-Drone Project

Single rotor, "human-safe", selfmade ball-drone with air vanes for position control

Benjamin PrescherBenjamin Prescher 10/17/2020 at 09:590 Comments

Design of the flight controller:

This build requires a flight controller with small dimensions and minimum 5 ESC or servo connections. The development of an own flight controller was one of the goals anyway. So the decision was to downsize a TI launchpad and limit it to the required connections. In addition, an InvenSense ICM20689 and a Bosch BMP388 for position control were added. The "real-time JTAG" was particularly important for development tasks. Thus, a complete debugger (XDS100v2) is integrated on the flight controller and allows communication with the controller via JTAG and UART, just as you know it from the development board...

The board features:

  1. Some of the newest TI Controller: TMS320F280049PMS
  2. Dual channel debugger (JTAG//UART) based on a FTDI 2232 (XDS100v2)
  3. 3V3 buck-converter
  4. connections for 5(!) ESCs or servos
  5. external I2C and UART connection