Heating up the oven

A project log for Grim's Toaster Reflow Oven

The old story of creating a reflow oven from a toaster oven.

TheGrimTheGrim 02/05/2020 at 19:580 Comments

So I roughly threw some stuff together and came to an unpleasant realization: the oven is VERY SLOW to heat up, even at full output on the heaters. Once it gets going thought it climbs fairly well but it becomes very hard to stop. One note that a colleague made is that the back and sides become extremely hot to the touch. This got me thinking that all my heat is escaping through the sheet metal and around the front door. I surmised that dealing with these losses should be my first course of action.

I'm going to need to control temperature and heating time a bit better than when I'm cooking a pizza pocket. So I took a look at a classic profile from ChipQuick. This is how it has to look like in the end.