Small Model Rocket Flight Computer

Design log of small flight computer for model rocketry.

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Model rockets are using flight computers for separation tasks, data logging, communication with the ground, etc...
These tasks are not complicated. But somehow most of the commercial products are not supporting GPS and communication, supported ones are much bigger.

The goal of this design was pushing my limit to shrink all of the electronics to the smallest PCB possible.

After so many iterations I came up with this design. Dimensions are 22mmx28mm

Main MCU PCB has 4 layers. It has STM32F411CEU6 as MCU, BMP280 as the barometer, MPU6050 as IMU, Winbond SPI flash, 2 times 2 channel MOSFET, RGB led and buzzer.

And there is a top PCB, that is connected to the MCU PCB with 1.27mm header pins.

For only data log and separation tasks, the Top PCB is not needed to use.

Top PCB has 2 layers. There is 2 component. L80 GPS module and HM-TRLR-S Lora module.

Gerber files are sent to the OSH PARK. Waiting for them to experiment.
  • 1 × STM32F411CEU6
  • 1 × BMP280
  • 1 × MPU6050
  • 1 × L80 or L86

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