Wood cases and PXL mode

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Fully open-source RGB clock with nixie-like edge-lit acrylic digits. Or... an RGB pixel matrix display clock, if you like!

will-foxWill Fox 08/18/2020 at 01:200 Comments

In the progress of working on the wood cases a few months ago, I quickly realized that I would need to either befriend a photographer or learn how to do it myself, otherwise it would be too slow and expensive to do anything. So, time well spent, I think.

So, I've finally (sort of) launched the wood cases. I made several red oak cases, and I'm trying to clear those out before I start making more cases out of more exotic wood... so if anyone wants a 1-of-8 red oak wood case, now's the time.

Finally, I've really tried to give the PXL mode the love it deserves. It's taken quite a bit of work and testing to get to the point where I'm ready to start shipping these. I love the PXL mode with the fading transitions between numbers. (Sorry, no video of this just yet... learning one thing at a time!) 

I'm posting photos on FB and Instagram now, but here are a couple to look at before you head to :)