TI Chronos Code

A project log for Stupid Simple Alert Watch

A TI ez430 Chronos watch is the perfect platform for an emergency alert device for an ill family member...

ogdentoogdento 02/17/2020 at 00:200 Comments

My chronos code strips down the UI on the watch to the barest essentials - showing the time and allowing the user to select and send an alert.

The watch runs on a modified version of the ez430_Chronos software that comes on the device and thankfully, their code is pretty easy to follow.

Here's a comment from their code that illustrates what shows on the display as you scroll through functions by pressing the * (top left) and # (bottom left) buttons:

LINE1: [Time] -> Alarm -> Temperature -> Altitude -> Heart rate -> Speed -> Acceleration
LINE2: [Date] -> Stopwatch -> Battery  -> ACC -> PPT -> SYNC -> Calories/Distance --> RFBSL

I didn't need any of that stuff, so I changed the function pointers in the menu options to skip over anything I didn't want when you pressed the * or # button.  

My new help function was added in a new set of help.c/.h files, and I inserted that function into the linked list of menu options mentioned above.  The help function uses the same SimpliciTI code that was used to send the power point commands.

I also disabled bluerobin and changed the processRequests function in the main.c file, to skip the temperature, pressure and altitude measurements, since I didn't care about that either.

For confirmation that the Help alert is being sent, the watch flashes while it transmits and beeps five times upon completion of the transmission.  There is no acknowledgement from the pi that an alert was received - might be something for later, but it hasn't been necessary so far.