A project log for GBA-2 Go

A replacement motherboard for the Gameboy Advance

derek-fDerek F 04/27/2020 at 20:560 Comments

Decided to swap the pot-meter for a multi-direction slide switch

This would allow for an easier control of stuff that need to be changed in steps; volume, back light, frequency and more.

I though about adding a current source amplifier for the 34p (GBA SPs LCD) models to control the back light. But ended up with just a transistor and noted it down for a possible next revision. Freed up some IOs for IPS back light control and headphone button(you know the small ones halfway on the cord).

Aside form these minor updates the design is coming along well. Just need to change almost all the part reference designators:

Yeah.. I euh... no-one is perfect!

As I'm having 2 weeks of holiday I'll be uploading more pics and info about the project. I kind of hijacked someone's discord and have been posting updates there for the past months