A project log for GBA-2 Go

A replacement motherboard for the Gameboy Advance

derek-fDerek F 05/09/2020 at 09:120 Comments

It has been a while, the holiday came to an end so I had to work on my exam again. 

After giving a whole speech on keeping it as cheap as possible in my last log I noticed there was a rather pricey part on the BOM. The ADXL335 would cost €5,50 a piece, combining that with the Gyroscope I was planning on using (L3GD20HTR) which would cost another €3,37. After doing some research I found a replacement for the ADXL, the LIS2DE12TR, which would only cost €1,34. Then I would save ≈€4. 

While doing some research for my exam I came across a very interesting GitHub page Nintendo Switch Reverse Engineering, for my exam I was only interested in the way data was being sent from JoyCon > Switch and back. But for the GBA2 I was interested in what Gyroscope or Accelerometer they used, the LSM6DS3TR. Since it would only cost me €2,82 for the Gyroscope and Accelerometer, it would save me a whopping €6,05 a unit. So aside from being cheaper, saving me space, already being used so having a PoC(Proof of Concept), there's also already a library for it. Which would save me a lot of time. 

I know I know, it's only a minor update. But I should be able to finish the first version in the next couple of days

All that remains to be done is route the power path