Project 13

A walking, talking, task performing - social robot.

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This project is partly inspired by conversational/social robots, and other parts such as home automation. The objective is a robot that will interact with guests in your home and will facilitate the operation of the household (no, not cooking and cleaning!). There will be several technologies that the robot will employ. To name a few: MySQL databases, C#, Kinect and various Robotics Hardware. This is one of those projects that will probably never really be complete, but be added to, expanded, stopped and started over the years.
  • 1 × Eddie Robot Platfrom
  • 2 × Ping))) Sensors
  • 1 × Parallax Eddie Control Board
  • 1 × Laptop
  • 3 × IR Sensors

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    Step 1

    Download the latest release of the software from the Projects Downloads link on the left side of this project page.

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    Step 2

    Install the software to your Hard Drive.

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    Step 3

    Read the Project 13 - Installation and Setup.pdf to setup an instance of the program of your own and get started trying out Project 13.

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T3rr0rByte13 wrote 01/24/2015 at 19:49 point

Sounds like a good project Duane. Eventually I will want to move to Arlo hardware (or whatever is around at the time I upgrade) so this project would be very helpful in making that transition. But what I think is holding me back is the fact that there is no solution I have found to power the Kinect on the Eddie (control board or wires). If Parallax had a solution to that problem that would make my day.

I will keep your project in mind when I find some free time to give your firmware a go I'll let you know how it turns out.

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Duane Degn wrote 01/24/2015 at 11:32 point

This looks like a fun project.

Are you aware of the present effort (mainly by myself) to improve the Eddie firmware?

The "Open Propeller 8" was started in order to make the Eddie firmware compatible with the new Arlo hardware.

While my original intention was to just port the firmware to the new hardware, I decided I had made enough improvements to the firmware it was worth the effort to upgrade the firmware used with the older hardware.

IMO, I improved the way the Ping sensors are monitored. The original firmware triggered all the Pings at once which was likely to cause interference between the sensors. I modified this to continual monitor the sensors with a delay between each reading to allow the echo of the previous sensor to subside.

The "PING" command now is acted upon immediately by return the last readings from the sensors. So not only are the Ping results much more accurate, the readings are turned faster than when using the original firmware.

I also added an "ARC" command which allows the robot to travel in a curved path. The Eddie control board can also be used to control servos now.

I hope you check up the above link and give the new firmware a try. I don't have an Eddie board to test the firmware but I did test it with an h-bridge similar to the one used by the Eddie board.

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T3rr0rByte13 wrote 03/27/2014 at 04:22 point
The castor wheel came as part of a kit from parallax. I dont have the part number anymore, but im sure if you asked customer support at parallax they would give you a part number or maybe even be able to sell it without the kit.

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Adam wrote 03/27/2014 at 01:41 point
That is an awesome caster wheel. Where did you get it?

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Derrick Bommarito wrote 04/03/2014 at 04:55 point
Damned pricey caster.. $50, was hoping it would be cheaper!

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