Cosmic Ray - Generative graphics

A project log for Cosmic Hodoscope

A matrix of cosmic ray detectors which produces 81-pixel live images as cosmic rays pass through and creating music.

robert-hartRobert Hart 01/14/2016 at 21:380 Comments

The generative graphics in this video where created directly from a cosmic ray detector to Arduino Mega via Ethernet to Processing (PDE). The generative graphics in each scene represents a computational description of nature: trees growing, flocking birds, chemical reactions. These algorithms are driven by statistical information about cosmic rays hitting the surface of the earth so every time it will look (and sound) differently. Basically you are looking at generative art / computational descriptions of nature that is driven by dying stars millions of years ago.

Many thanks go to Sacha for his enthusiasm for cosmic ray detection and talented imagination, time and skill to make these graphics work on my detector. More to come.

Hodoscope construction:

Code by Sacha Panic: