EPDLib - EPaper Display Library

A project log for SlimPi

SlimPi is an e-paper display for Logitech Media Servers

Aaron CiuffoAaron Ciuffo 02/22/2020 at 15:050 Comments

As part of creating this project, I also created a python library for creating module flexible, but consistent layouts for frame-buffered screens. It was specifically developed for WaveShare e-Paper HAT compatible displays, but should work for any device where a composite image can be buffered and sent to the screen.

EPDLib allows you to create layouts that will work with any resolution screen. The layouts are defined as blocks that are scaled to fit whatever display resolution is in use. The two examples below show the same layout on a 500x500 display and a 300x200 display. 

The library currently only supports grayscale and 1 bit images and does not support the colored ink in WaveShare displays.