Aerodynamic inline 2-axis FPV gimbal for head tracking systems

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The only aerodynamic FPV gimbal for use with winged aircraft. Temarai gives the pilot proximity to their surroundings and the ability to look directly down at the ground. This makes unpowered FPV slope soaring possible as the pilot can now look down to see where the cliff edge is and thus stay in the uplift zone which is often less than the size of a few car parking spaces.
When attached to a powered plane the pilot can now more easily judge the distance to the ground when landing. Possibly more than most real planes where the pilot can never look straight down.
Add audio to the mix through earplugs and the pilot can now judge airspeed by the pitch of the air rushing by. The pitch directly correlates to angle of attack and thus the stall point.


Flying using the Temarai gimbal with a 9 axis head tracking sensor.

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