pyEC, a pyBoard Compatible E-Bike

The pyEC is a pyBoard compatible multipurpose board capable of talking with just about anything on your E-bike.

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The pyEC is a pyBoard compatible multipurpose board capable of talking with just about anything on your E-bike. In fact it's more a general purpose board capable of doing a whole host of digital electronic tasks. If you are not familiar with the pyBoard, it's a STM32 based board that runs a type of python for micro controllers, microPython.

On your E-bike, you can connect all switches and inputs to the pyEC. All outputs can then also be connected to the pyEC and you have a way to add logic, logging etc. to your bike. The pyEC can run a display, log data to an SD Card, turn on/off your horn and headlight, act as a security system to detect tampering (motion sensing) or get info from your motor controller & BMS. It basically let's you create a nice display, talk to everything on you bike and create custom behavior based on python code.

The idea behind the pyEC is that there are a number of layers interconnected to provide just the functionality you need and none of what you don't. The main board, or "Layer" as I've taken to calling them, is the main pyBoard v1.1 compatible board. It has a ton packed into a 4cm*4cm package. 50 pin header for inter-layer communications, CAN, OP Amp, Buzzer, LEDs, SD Card socket, user & reset switches and of course USB for debugging and loading on new programs. Most connectivity has been moved to other "layers". The "Control Layer" is just that, it controls all the layers and has the MCU. Without any additional layers it can basically just blink and beep.


Control Layer - pyBoard v1.1 compatible board w/USB, SD Card, Buzzer, USR/RST Switches and an RGB LED

Serial Layer - Exposes 4  Serial ports complete with RX/TX LEDs for easy debugging and 3.3V/5V level shifters

Input Layer -  Gives 5 switch Inputs and 2 Analog inputs, all with optional voltage dividers to scale inputs

Power Layer - Power input (12V), 5V output, 2 High power & 3 Low power digitally controlled outputs

Kelly Layer - 24V Step-Up converter, DAC Outputs, digital Outputs & UART. Designed for Kelly KLS-S controllers

Battery Backup Layer - Provides LiPo charging and either 5V stable output from LiPo

IMU Layer - Provides a WIT Motion IMU through either I2C or serial. GPS input and direct IMU access ports are provided.

Test Layer - Exposes all pins from the Control Layer as well as buttons / LEDs on IO pins and Potentiometers for ADCs

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