A project log for Open source UVGI respiratory mask

Kills bacteria, viruses and mould spores in the air before inhalation and after exhalation

M. BindhammerM. Bindhammer 03/31/2020 at 20:580 Comments

Respiratory masks will be part of the street scene in the near future. In Asia they are already, in the rest of the world they will be. These masks will become items of clothing like caps, scarves or gloves. Therefore, in addition to the basic requirements of respirators, they must be stylish and comfortable to wear. That is why I have been working on the design over the last few days. What bothered me most of all was the mask's widely protruding filter, top-heavy and easy to get stuck somewhere and pull the mask off your head. When I looked at my cat, I got the idea of a L-shaped filter. I explain this most easily with a picture:

Btw, this is not my cat...

And here is a first artistic view. I wanted to know how the mask looks like on a Chinese girl, with the skyline of Shanghai in the background. My GIMP skills are not the best, but I am improving...