Super Easy Minecraft PE Server

This is a custom Minecraft PE server based on Nukkit.

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This is a really fun, easy, and most of all... AWESOME project!

MinecraftOS 0.2 (release date 2/27/20). A super easy Minecraft PE server!

  • 1 × Raspberry Pi 4b Micro computer.
  • 1 × Micro sd card I used a sandisk ultra 8gb. MUST be over 8gb!
  • 1 × Power supply 5v. 2.5 amp and over.
  • 1 × Ethernet cable Try for cat7!

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    Download the files!

    Here are the files: MinecraftOSEtcher, and sdcardformatter

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    Install the programs


    1. Install and run the programs

    2. Start the programs.

    3. In sd card formatter choose your drive and click format.

    4. Exit the program.

    5. Once in Etcher, insert your sd card, then click the select image button.

    6. Find and double click MinecraftOS.img

    7. Insure you have the correct drive selected, unless you want your other drives wiped.

    8. Click FLASH!!!

    9. Accept the administrator prompt.

    10. Leave your computer alone for a while.

    11. Pull out the sd card.

    Make sure the C: drive is never selected. If it is, it can ruin your pc. Also, never eject or remove your drive while it is flashing.

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    Boot it up!

    Simple! Plug in Ethernet and power!

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