Boards in Hand, Starting to Code

A project log for 2nd Use BMS

A high energy capacity Battery Management System for re-purposing used cell modules from EVs and other sources

nathaniel-verleeNathaniel VerLee 07/20/2020 at 23:140 Comments

I have gotten PCBs delivered and begun building them up. The design is a bit different now than it was in my initial posts, with all components combined into one PCB. I really wanted to allow interchangeability between the current handling part of the system and the logic and instrumentation part in two separate boards, but in studying the pricing structure of getting PCBs populated at a fabrication company, I realized there is a pretty large fixed run cost and that doubling that cost wasn't that great an idea. So now the board is in hand and I have begun work on test code for the MSP430, with the main challenge now being writing a diver to handle I2C communications.