Jubilee Z zeroing test

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An open source circuit board printer based on the Jubilee multihead motion platform

NathanNathan 03/12/2020 at 15:290 Comments

I tested the Z zeroing with the sensor in a different location - I mounted it on the tool instead of the tool mount. Looks like I need to change the Z zero points. Also not sure how I'm going to zero the syringe in the end, was thinking maybe a piezo touch plate? I'm open to ideas if anyone has any, but for now it will probably be a piezo or maybe a contact switch that only requires a light pressure.

Still haven't been able to get the BLTouch working yet mostly due to a lack of time, I'm focusing on the extruder now. 

Also - still working on getting the toolchanging working. The jubilee has a torque based toolchanger, and I found an issue where the locking is failing because the torque is too low, so I have had to reprint the v-groove locking plate a few times.