First successful toolchange

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An open source circuit board printer based on the Jubilee multihead motion platform

NathanNathan 03/16/2020 at 15:470 Comments

Success! I have mounted a syringe onto a tool mount and demonstrated a successful toolchange with the syringe mounted. Turns out the steps/mm was incorrect, and I had to disable checking the extruder heater status to get the toolchange to work, but after some help from the Jubilee discord channel I got it working. Now time to test the syringe dispensing. 

I also need to verify the Z zeroing is consistent enough to maintain a consistent height above, hoping to do that soon this week. I bought some acrylic inks with a similar viscosity as the silver ink I'm planning on using when everything is working.

Still have a few issues: 

  1. The bed leveling route is compensating the opposite way it is supposed to and is increasing the bed angle instead of decreasing it, might be just due to the motors being switched. 
  2. Also need to add another Z zero sensor onto the toolchange carriage instead of the tool. The original sensor broke the second time I used it so I had to improvise. 
  3. The syringe does not work backwards, and it not very precise. I need to modify the syringe design.