Cisco SG110D-08 - TearDown

unboxing and uncovering of the Cisco SG110D - 8 Port Gigabit unmanaged Switch

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I've been in the process of upgrading my home network, since I upgraded to gigabit service, and in that process needed to update all of my unmanaged switches throughout my house.

It was hard to tell if any of the consumer grade 8 port switches were better than others, so I decided to pick up a few different ones and compare their design...

This Cisco 8-port model is basically NO different then the cheaper Netgear GS208, it uses the same exact RealTek Ethernet chip, and same type of switching buck power supplies on the board.

So there is really NO reason to spend the extra money for the 'CISCO' module, unless you want the metal hard shell, which this cisco unit does have.  The Netgear GS208 is all plastic, hence it's cheaper to manufacture, but under the hood both units will perform exactly the same.

  • 04/11/2020

    PhillyFlyers04/11/2020 at 18:40 0 comments

    The SG110D-08 is all metal case construction, so it is certainly hardier than the NetGear GS208, which is all plastic.  But besides that, they are essentially the same under the hood.

    Main Cpu:  Realtek RTL8370N

    Memory:  Serial EEPROM ATML H936

    There isn't much too this at all, the 8370N is an all-in-one/ASIC/SOC that provides the 8-port Gigabit switch.  Everything else is just interface logic/converters.  

    Not entirely sure of the actual eeprom size, as it seems hard to find any specs on that Atmel part..

    Nice and simple/very efficient switching buck power supplies, to provide the logic voltages, look to be a tad better supplies than used on the GS208, but both are using switching buck supplies, so really no wasted power to heat on either.   Good enough in either one.

    Anyhow, I've also done a teardown of:

    Cisco SG110-08  - 8 Port GigE

    NetGear GS305-P  (5 port with POE)

    I'll post project for these as well, but so far I see every switch in this 8-port consumer class using the SAME REALTEK 8370N part!   And the board designs are so so similar, see no reason to put one better than the other, unless of course you prefer a 'metal' case, that's really the only difference.

    *** Note ***:  On this Cisco model, the main heatsink is much much smaller than the Netgear GS208, which has a MASSIVE heatsink on the RealTek CPU.  Not sure if this chip even gets that hot, so my guess is the GS208 heatsink is way overkill.

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