Pandemic Pressure Control Ventilator

Developing DIY, cheap, open-source pressure control ventilator (PCV) design to save millions of hospital and home pandemic patient lives

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The Covid-19 pandemic is causing a rising patient demand for respiratory Pressure Control Ventilators (PCVs). The PCV demand already exceeds the supply in some hospitals. The rapidly growing PCV shortage will force more and more hospitals to triage patients who need PCVs. More and more patients will not get them and will die. A severe PCV shortage will cause 100's of thousands of preventable deaths in the USA and Canada and millions of deaths around the world.

A good design for an open-source low-cost PCV can be developed quickly by online design teams, inspired by innovative previous ventilator prototypes found around the Web. Resulting PCV designs will be quickly mass-produced by Makerspaces, schools, hobbyist workshops, and public-spirited hardware manufacturers around the world.

And save millions of lives.

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MAKK wrote 03/22/2020 at 03:14 point

I am pleased and feel motivated to join this group.

Some  design and development challenges are (other than a basic design of Covid 19 servo ventilator) are ,

1. Reliability,

2.Ease of use ,

3.Safety of preventative maintenance (without getting infected),

4.Low cost ,


6.Possibly scalable ,

7. Intelligent,

8.BS standard conformity, 

9.A good candidate for MHRA approval,

10. Fast deployment time for commercialisation after R&D stage.

Any other point that you may add please?

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rjpope42 wrote 03/17/2020 at 20:00 point

Hi James, 

I just wanted to get this idea out there as well, as an extremely simple idea that provides fixed volume and pressure, both of which can be adjusted mechanically

as presented it is a bit of a desperate measure/parking lot tent idea, but perhaps someone with more knowledge of this type of situation than me will find it useful

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Dan Maloney wrote 03/04/2020 at 16:49 point

Interesting. I'm actually working on a roundup of Covid-19 hacks, so I'll include this.

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Adam Quantrill wrote 03/15/2020 at 21:01 point

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