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Keyword activated status display

Alexander HagermanAlexander Hagerman 03/30/2020 at 00:140 Comments

After spending some time orchestrating training and data generation to make the process flow as fast as possible I spent this week working on integrating the model, the control flow and the final network call when the right sequence of words is detected. I ran into a few different issues with the network call. Earlier in the project I verified the HTTPS PUT behavior using the examples in the esp-idf project repo. Since then `tcp_adapter_init` has been replaced with netif_adapter_init. Additionally I haven't spent much time using a modern compiler with C++ calling C code. Because of that I spent some time chasing down struct init errors going from the pure C example to calling `esp_wifi` and `esp_netif` from C++ code with the TF Lite template. Outside of working through those errors I spent some time looking at the difference between the models score on words and when the model sets `new_command` to `true`. Outside of one last http bug I think the project is ready for a `0.1` version status. After that I'm going to take stock of what all I've learned, the gaps I identified in my knowledge and figure out what to hack on next.

Project code continues to be updated and made available in this repo.

I'll also have new post up on my blog in the next few days detailing a couple other topics wrapping up this learning adventure.