NodeMCU ESP8266  is developed based on ESP8266EX WiFi Chip inside ESP-12E Module to easily connect to WiFi with a few steps. The board also integrates IC CP2102, which makes it easy to communicate with the computer via Micro USB to operate the board. And there are available buttons, LEDs for easy learning and research. ESP8266 is widely used in IoT projects, ESP8266 Blynk.

With a small size, flexible board easily links with peripherals to form projects and prototypes quickly.

Technical data

Control chipESP8266EX
WIFI2.4 GHz supports 802.11 b / g / n
Operating voltage3.3 V
Input voltage5V (via USB)
Number of I / O pins11 (All I / O pins have Interrupt / PWM / I2C / One-wire, except for D0 pin)
Number of Analog Input pins1 (maximum input voltage of 3.3V)
Flash memory4MB
Security supportWPA / WPA2
Integrated protocolTCP / IP
Programming on languagesC / C ++, Micropython, NodeMCU - Lua

Pinout ESP8266 NodeMCU