Armband scaffold assembly instructions.

A project log for A sEMG Brain-Machine Interface.

A wearable BMI developer kit for the hackers/makers community to use for the greater good.

wolfgangouillewolfgangouille 08/17/2022 at 08:470 Comments

Hi everyone.

We are releasing files and instructions to build your own sEMG armband. Today we will build the scaffold for the armband. I have put a lot of thought into this last design to make sure the armband keeps electrodes equidistant, is easy to install and remove from your arm, can adapt to different morphologies (shape and size) and is comfortable. We are pretty happy with the result.

Material :

Print all the parts at

Print 8 electrode receptacles and 2 frame adaptors. All other STL need a single print.

You will need in addition : 

-thick nylon fishing line (I used 50 lbs)

-15 mm long springs 3mm OD x12

-5 mm long springs 3mm OD x8 (cut 10mm springs in half to get 5mm springs if you can't find any)

-10 to 20 mm long 10mm OD spring x1 

I made a tutorial video for the assembly :

In the next chapter, we will share the PCBs and electronics instruction.