A Battery level indicator (Battery Guage) is an electronic measuring instrument that indicates the immediate voltage level of any DC battery. It is a very common testing circuit, employed in various industries. So today, we are going to build a Battery Level indicator using the LM3914N dot/bar display driver IC.

PCB Prototype for 5$ 10 PCB’s:

PCB Prototype

pcbway battery level indicator circuit

Hardware Required

You will need the following parts to build this project

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Step1 Solder IC with Base

Step2 Solder LED’s

Step 3 Solder Resistors

Step 4 Solder Variable Resistor

Step 5 Solder Battery Terminals

Circuit Diagram

Working Explanation

This circuit is designed to monitor 10V to 15V DC. The circuit will work even if the battery voltage is 3V. In this circuit LED’s (D1-D10) displays the capacity of the battery. Here, the 1K resistor & the 10K Potentiometer form a potential divider circuit, where the POT is used to calibrate the Input signal. There is no need for any external power supply to this circuit as the circuit functions as measuring equipment for any DC battery connected to it.