2020-10-30 Progress Update - PS5 DualSense & Genesis support

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Multiplayer Bluetooth controllers adapter for retro video game consoles

Jacques GagnonJacques Gagnon 10/30/2020 at 17:020 Comments

I was quite busy this month but still made good progress on Genesis support.

2P mode support both 3 buttons and 6 buttons controller or any mix of the two. Support for the SEGA Team Player is done also and support any mix of multitap / controllers. You can play up to 8!

I somehow received my PS5 dual sense controller before launch (Thanks BestBuy!!) and quickly got basic HID support working. The more specific mode is different than PS4 so I will have to wait for that support to land in Linux to add it since I got no PS5 system to reverse engineer it! The only loss for BlueRetro using the basic HID mode is rumble and LED support.

Checkout this pre-release v0.7.3 for basic Dual Sense support.

See for wireless traces and HID descriptor of the PS5 Dual Sense.

I should get an Xbox Series X/S controller soon as well.

I will now work on adding EA multitap support and then I will add 1P & 2P Parallel modes for Atari/Master System & NeoGeo. Once this is done, I got to retest everything before finally releasing v0.8.