2020-12-08 Update - PSX Lightspan Keyboard & Saturn Keyboard support

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Jacques GagnonJacques Gagnon 12/08/2020 at 13:390 Comments

I added support for both the PSX Lightspan Keyboard & Saturn Keyboard in BlueRetro. See pre-release v0.9.1.

N64, DC & GC keyboard only send the raw scan code and let the console software determine the key press and release. Saturn and PSX keyboard are base on PS/2 keyboard protocol running on a different low level interface. PS/2 keyboard send Make and Break scan code to tell explicitly to the console if a key was pressed or released.

More detail here:

This page document well how the Saturn keyboard work:

The Saturn keyboard mostly use the standard AT Keyboard Scan Codes (Set 2) but some common 2 bytes scan code are reduced to to only 1 byte using non standard code.

The PSX keyboard is only supported by the Lightspan Online Connection CD that was dump only a few year ago. It is not yet known if this use the PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse adapter prototype (SCPH-2000) or if it's a standalone keyboard.

In any case base on some information extracted from the Lightspan software by nocash @PSXDEV forum, the ID & size byte expected is 0x96 which tell use the frame is 12 bytes. I was able to figure out how to emulate basic keyboard functionality. The first byte sent after the 0x5A header is the size of the scan code and the scan code follow in network byte order. I could validate scan code up to 3 bytes. It doesn't look to be possible send multiple scan code at once.

Also the Lightspan softwate probably don't support the longer scan code like Print Screen and Pause. If this is base on the SCPH-2000 adapter the rest of the bytes are probably for the mouse. Scan code reduced to one byte like the Saturn 0x8x ones are also supported as well as the two bytes regular variant.

I didn't observe any data being sent to the keyboard in my traces.

It would be very easy for someone who own a SCPH-2000 PS/2 adapter to make a dump of the protocol using a special BlueRetro passthrough PSX cable running my SPI Full-Duplex sniffer firmware to make a trace like this one.